Welcome James Hammond

We are pleased to announce the appointment of James Hammond, former Head of Asian Art at Bonhams Knightsbridge. James joins the existing team of  valuers as a full  time specialist in the Asian field where he will catalogue a wide variety of ceramics and works of art, and assist with valuation days across Southern England.

It was reading ‘Shogun’ by James Clavell which inspired James to study Japanese Culture, and to attend night school in order to understand the politeness of the Japanese language. As a Porter in Christie’s, James was also fortunate to look after a number of masterpieces during an unforgettable time in the Japanese and Chinese warehouse. There could not have been a more useful apprenticeship to prepare him for joining Bonhams in 1991 as an Asian specialist in their Knightsbridge office. Over the past 25 years with Bonhams, James has also assisted with sales in Bond Street, Tokyo and Singapore, watching with great interest the growth of the Chinese art market over the past few years.

James will be accepting entries throughout the summer for a specialist Asian auction to coincide with ‘Asian Art in London’ week in November.



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